Seasons Ville

The Misplaced Dragon

This story happened many moons ago. It was told to a young princess at bedtime.
Unusual circumstances prevailed as it is not common to find dragons and sprites sharing anything!

Sprites are small and magical beings usually living in forests.
On the other hand, dragons reside in cold, dank caves with little light– In this instance, a dragon egg rolled from a cave and landed dead center into the forest.

One evening the Sprites were celebrating a joyful Sprite rite d’passage! They were aghast as the forest glowed with a golden hue.
The Sprites went to investigate the sourced and discovered the loose egg. Not sure of its origin, the sprites encircled the egg and rolled it toward their village.

All this rolling and bumping caused the egg to crack. A roll of thunder scared the Sprites and they retreated behind the closest trees. A final crack and a large blue head appeared. The flailing creature released itself from the shell and took a 360 search around. Seemingly, the being liked its lips and made a moaning sound.

A brave Sprite named Banter shouted, “Maybe it’s thirsty. Let’s leave a leave full of water for it.
Their tiny selves selected the largest leaf they could find to serve as a water holder. Banter was elected to place the leaf before the ailing creature. The challenge was to find water close enough to fill the leaf.

Banter was quick on his feet and sniffed out an old log that contained the last rainfalls’ caught water. After plugging both ends of the log, he rolled the log to the cautiously placed leaf before the creature. Banter scampered off and looked back to see the egg creature starting to lick the leaf.


When he drank the water, he shrank to the size of the Sprites. Much to the Sprites delight, they no longer felt threatened by the egg creature (a dragon by the way!) The Sprites formed a tight circle and tiptoed over to the cracked shell. The dragon lifted its head and said, “Mama!”

From their safe positions, the Sprites declared the dragon to be an honorary Sprite and was, by the way, their main mode of transportation!



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