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Seasons Ville Kids Membership

Welcome to Seasons Ville Kids Membership! Join us and embark on a fun-filled journey throughout the seasons. With an annual fee of $7.95 per kid, your little ones will enjoy a range of exciting benefits and receive a first-time shirt to kickstart their membership.
Let’s dive into the details:
1.First-Time Shirt:
Each new member will receive a special Seasons Ville Kids Membership shirt, showcasing their membership pride and sense of belonging.
2. Exclusive Benefits:
  • Seasonal Events: Your child will have access to exclusive seasonal events organized by Seasons Ville. From spring picnics to summer water adventures, fall festivals to winter wonderlands, they will experience the magic of every season in a unique way.
  • Discounts on Activities: Members will receive discounted rates on various activities offered at Seasons Ville, such as art classes, cooking workshops, sports sessions, and more.
  • Birthday Celebrations: We believe birthdays are extra special, and as a member, your child will receive a special surprise on their birthday, making their day even more memorable.
  • Monthly Newsletter: Stay up-to-date with all the exciting happenings at Seasons Ville through our monthly newsletter, exclusively for members. Discover upcoming events, new activities, and member-only offers.
3. Membership Card:
Your child will receive a personalized Seasons Ville Kids Membership card, which they can proudly present to avail the exclusive benefits.
Join Seasons Ville Kids Membership today and give your child a year-round adventure they won’t forget! Contact our membership desk or visit our website for more information on how to sign up. We look forward to welcoming your little ones to our Seasons Ville family!

Note: Membership benefits and availability may vary and are subject to change.

Note: Members can also purchase a shirt with their avatar picture $12.99


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