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Cupcake paper butterflies

Cupcake paper butterflies

Hi Little ones!

Want to put your imagination and fantasies into reality? Put all your fantasies into art (Yes! let’s Be Unique).  Here is a crafty DIY for kids of ALL AGES. So grab your craft supplies and crafty kits to take your excitement to a new level.


So crafty kids let’s be artsy to make some really cute butterflies, Yes you heard It right BUTTERFLIES. Hurry up! Grab your crafty kit.

 You’ll need

  1. 2 paper cupcake liners/ 2 round pieces of any colored paper
  2. glue
  3. “pipe cleaners” are all you need to make funky butterflies to brighten up your day!

Step 1:

To make the wings flatten the 2 cupcake liners/round pieces of paper on a flat surface.

Step 2:

Now fold the paper into pleats. Do the same with the second piece of paper. Bring together all the folds in the middle to make a center.

Step 3:

Kid You’re amazing. Place one cupcake liner onto other to make the wings.

Step 4:

Be unique! This is the last step where you have to put the pipe cleaners as antennae, twist the pipe cleaner around the center of the paper. Now twist the ends of pipe cleaner to make antennae.

YAYY! You did It, now surprise your buddies with these easy peasy butterfly craft and enjoy!



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