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How our Kid Baking Box Works

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How the Craft Jars Works

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Make. Bake & Create

At Seasons Ville, we know the families who create together, stay together. Our monthly baking and crafting boxes encourage your child to find joy in cooking with you and to discover their own joy in creating. Seasons Ville is a product designed to engage children in an active way while learning about food and developing basic life skills.

It creates a space for your child not only to learn about baking, but also to work towards making their own creations with you. Enable your child to build important social and cognitive skills in a safe environment they can confidently explore new things in.

Give the Gifts of Memories

What the Kids Say:
"It was so much fun and so easy! Decorating and eating the cookies was the best part."
Dylan, Age 6
What the Kids Say:
"I can't wait to make more cookies!"
Hannah, Age 3
What the parents are saying
Henrys becoming the cutest little baker! He received an awesome baking box from @seasonsville, which comes with everything for the perfect baking experience. Henrys sugar cookies were delicious!
What the parents are saying
This box is so thought out and perfect for littles and parents who love to bake!It is beautifully crafted with littles in mind! Including the cutest touches, from tiny cooking utensils (perfect for their little hands) to the sweetest little apron. This box just screams fun for everyone.

Inspiring Family Fun Time

Seasons Ville is about helping children, parents, and grandparents come together to create memories through cooking, crafting, and playing.

The Family Who Bakes Together...

The only thing that makes sharing treats with your child more special is when they can participate in the baking process. Each baking box contains an easy to follow recipe card, along with all the ingredients they need to make a special treat.

SV Apron 2022

Kid-Sized Tools for Kid-Sized Fun

As cute as it is to watch our little ones awkwardly stir with our grown-up utensils, it’s much more fun when they can use their own. Check out our adorable kid-sized baking utensils to get your kids in the baking spirit.

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Seasons Ville offer kid friendly activities for parents looking to encourage creativity & learn new skills

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