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Seasons Ville offers Kids Crafts & Baking Box Subscriptions

My inspiration for Seasons Ville comes from me being an only child. I’ve always had a creative mind. Growing up, I loved making crafty things to decorate with odds and ends around the house. I loved my art and crafting classes in school and nothing compared to the joy I could bring to those around me with my projects.

My cousin and I would make mud pies and decorate them with leaves and flowers that were laying around the yard. We would even go as far as baking the mud pies in the sun.  My grandmother was always baking from sun up to sun down and I loved it when I could smell warm cinnamon and vanilla coming from the kitchen. She would be baking all of her famous cookies, cakes, pies, and candies that my family loved so much.  I would be the first one there when she was pulling them out of the oven to watch and share the experience with her as she decorated them.  I would add the sprinkles, as well as the candy toppings. She would let me put all of the festive icings she made on the cookies and cakes and then we would wrap and pack them to be put out on display for the whole family to enjoy. 

It brought me so much joy to see the work we did together and now I want to share these same experiences with your families. Seasons Ville was created to help children, parents, and grandparents come together to create memories through cooking, crafting, and playing.

Easy, Fun, Ready-to-Use Baking and Craft Kits to Make with Your Kids

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